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Why we do it

What do we do

Future proof your workspace

Our technology helps to tackle issues such as collating workplace data and transforming that data to create a future proof workspace.

     We help business leaders to     decide and execute their best workspace strategy whilst driving culture and creating wellbeing                   at their workplaces.

Find on-demand space

We save you time and hassle, making life easier for you.

Our team will find you the right office space (for free), negotiate the best possible lease terms, design & fit-out your new premises to create optimum utilisation, space efficiency and flexibility.

Negotiate the very best deals

We save serious money and mitigate any risks associated with     office spaces for our clients.                                                                                 Our team are experts at negotiating new leases, lease breaks, rent reviews and dilapidation bills (averaging 67%).

Workplace Science

Blending science and workplace data

Our technology collects granular data from your staff anonymously about the activities and behaviours in your workplace. It’s now easy to get the hard facts about wellbeing, occupancy, and activity in your workplace. This can help you make informed corporate decisions without second guessing, which can boost efficiency, drive productivity and increase talent attraction/retention.


Change Management & Culture Strategy

We believe that your culture is the glue that binds an organisation together and supports your workplace strategy. To create a successful transition to a                          High Performing Workspace, a well-defined culture acts as a talent magnet, drives engagement and is key to unlocking performance.

Every organisation has a culture. The leaders that focus on culture as a strategy for growth outperform those that don’t.

We work alongside CEOs and Leaders to create and embed a culture of high performance.

Business Rates & Service Charge

One of our expert surveyors can carry out a business rates and service charge audit on your behalf, to provide you with the reassurance that you are only paying what is fair and reasonable.

It’s all about transparency!


Our team of specialist Surveyors will review your landlord’s Schedule of Dilapidations and negotiate a significant reduction on your liability. Our average saving is 65% from the landlord’s original claim. We do this by adhering to the latest procedural protocol and knowledge of relevant case law.

This service will save you tens of thousands of pounds!

Project Management

Our project managers will keep your project on track and problem-solve any issues with the contractors during this technical project.

We keep to your budget and timescales without compromising on the quality of work, saving your team significant time and hassle.

This role is not exclusive to fit-out, but also telecoms, data and IT.
And don’t forget Health & Safety!

How we do it

1. Well-being

How do your staff respond to your workplace?

The start of our process is to engage the whole team and entire departments by creating a personalised profile survey that focuses on how your staff perceives well-being, occupancy and productivity challenges.

We get under the skin of what is happening in your office, where it is happening, why it is happening and to detect key requirements as to how your people would like to work in the future.

This tailored data delivers insights that drives a better workplace strategy linking well-being, occupancy and productivity to create greater outputs that saves money, drives efficiency and creates improved flexibility.


  • 100% anonymous
  • Quick & Easy
  • Secure

2. Movement and Activity

How do you test and measure your property performance?

Our method is to study your space utilisation by strategically placing temporary sensors throughout your office to get an accurate picture of how people use the space. It gathers hard-data and produces heatmaps that highlight the most used areas and statistics about the under-performing areas within the office.

The technology is linked to our app that will be installed on your staff’s mobile phones, so it automates. Similarly, the activity calendar gives you a clear picture of the daily activities that your team are doing within the office. This holistic and granular data enables you to connect your people with your workspace to harness well-being, optimise occupancy and maximise productivity.

Backed by hard-data, being able to measure how your property is performing is now quick and easy!


  • Easy to Use
  • Activity-based & Real-Time Data
  • Heatmap Results

3. Change Management

Business leaders are looking for greater levels of performance from their people and their workplace. The final stage of our process is change management; behaviour-change based on occupancy psychology and workplace strategy.

We understand that people are creatures of habit and that includes how they currently use their workspace. Simply designing a beautiful environment does not mean it will be used effectively. The data analysis is the theory, but applying the findings is the key to a successful workplace. It is an opportunity for moving to new, more dynamic models of working and business performance.

We lead change management through a series of workshops and teach you how to manage the process and execute the workplace transformation to provide countless opportunities for enhancement and revolutionary change within your organisation.

Your search is over

Leave finding an office to us. There’s no reason not to.

Create an account and let us do the work for you. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll recommend the perfect office for you based on your preferences and our access to the entire property market.

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Achieve the best results in negotiation

As we exclusively represent occupiers (and never the landlord), we can guarantee this!

Negotiating a commercial property transaction is a specialist skill. Instruct one of our Negotiation Consultants to achieve the best results at negotiation of your new lease (or lease renewal).

Have a smooth, hastle free office move

How can you afford the time to do project manage AND do your day job?

Relocating to new offices can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Let us help you to make it easier, cost-effective and on time! Plus we have the technical know-how.

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Why we do it

Over years spent working in the property industry, we became increasingly aware of a ‘doing deals’ culture where commercial agents were often representing both landlords and tenants, resulting in a conflict of interest and clients not achieving the best possible solution for their needs. Clients were also repeatedly telling us that their workspace was frankly under-performing.

Canvus was conceived to offer a fresh alternative within the commercial property space. A human-led approach backed by      hard-data enables a more consultative approach that has the client’s objectives at heart and challenges the traditional agent model. This helps occupiers achieve the best possible results and to maximise value from their workspace.

Our values of being customer-centric and transparent has enabled our clients’ workspaces to perform better and improve their employees’ workspace experience, creating better businesses.


What our clients are saying


I have worked with Canvus on recent projects and have nothing but the highest regard for them. Their advice and knowledge were extremely useful as we (successfully) completed a transaction in a very short time frame, on a trophy building in the City that is Grade I Listed. They were on hand to help us at every stage of the process and were always going the extra mile to make sure we were happy with every detail to get the best result.



AXA Africa


Canvus represented us for the lease renewal for our offices in Farrringdon. We were keen to stay at our property but concerned about the landlord’s rental terms, although Jonathan demonstrated good knowledge and analysed strong comparable properties. As a result we were in a very informed position and his negotiation helped to secure the best possible deal at renewal. I would highly recommend Canvus.





If planning an office move and looking for a property search company that offers so much additional value, please use Canvus. Jonathan and his company have guided us through the complex maze of property searches which has resulted in us finding great new office in Holborn. They have also helped us throughout this whole process and we really couldn't have done it without them. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.



Sports and Recreation Alliance